Friday, October 21, 2016

'Snorty and Messy' Here. Hi!

"Unwrap yourself, dear. Be yourself.  Let people get to know you" my better angels are telling me.

I went bike riding this week.  Twice.  75 degrees possessed me to pull my bike out of hibernation and don my gear.  The spandex bike panties had a bit more to hold in than two and half months ago.  I picked my brightest, roomiest shirt to divert attention, you know?  I'm sucking in my tummy best I can up there.

Oh my, was it worth it.  Indian summer.  I kind of surprised myself that I had the gas in me to do 40 miles.  Haven't been on that thing in 2 1/2 months.   15 miles by myself on Monday just to be sure I could join the cycling group ride 25 miles on Wednesday. 

This is how it went.

I show up for the ride. "J", the married man who 'innocently' invited me to dinner early this summer, turns his back on me.  "Hello, J...!" I call out.  The guy is deaf.  But "B" is there, and other nice folks.  So "B" and I have a lovely chat about his knees, after I ask him about his bike trip to Italy and France.  Apparently his knees started protesting his riding 300 miles a week, so he nixed the cycling trip through the Alps.  I thought no 70 year old should be cycling through the Alps in the first place, but I didn't tell him that.

"B" is a nice guy, in a cycling fanatic kind of way.  I went out with him once this summer, and before dessert arrived, he had decided I could be his new, um, partner.  There being less compatibility than a deer and a car between us, I told him in no uncertain terms that dating was NOT going to happen.  Group rides only.

I broke that little rule a tiny bit on Wednesday, when he suggested he and I make a detour through this private yacht club on this private peninsula on Long Island Sound.  I'm going to say No on such a wonderful day? 

He really is quite nice.  But group cycling only, I repeated, when he asked me out again.

Back to"J".  Midway through the ride, at our food stop, I went over to him. "J!  How are you?" 

"Shh" he put his finger to his mouth.  "I'm not talking to you."

"You didn't get back to me when I texted you!" I replied, paying not one iota of attention to the "Shh".

"Shhh! I'm not talking to you" and he turns his back.

Just in case you can connect these dots...Here they are. 

Dot #1.  He's very friendly.  He suggests we go riding, just to two of us.
Dot #2. He's married. 
Dot #3.  I ask your advice.  I back out of going on a day trip with him. 
Dot #4.  He remains friendly. 
Dot # 5 He asks my advice about his niece. 
Dot #6  He goes to Israel and when he returns he tells me he has something he brought back for me.  What is my cell number. He's going to call me so he can give it to me.
Dot #7   I don't hear and I head off to Maine. 
Dot # 8  I realize my phone isn't working and I've missed his call, among several, so I text him an apology with the reason.
Dot #9 I don't see him for 2 1/2 months, because I'm not cycling.
Dot #10  Wednesday... "Shhh!"
Dot #11  I text him when I get home, saying "Hope the Shhh doesn't last forever.  It took three technicians and 2 hours at the Microsoft store last weekend to discover my phone was missing notification software.  NOW I'm getting my messages."
Dot #11  Nada.

I think I'm  very happy with the "Shhh!"

Well, that's that for cycling, I think.  Now that chilly weather is on its way, I'll hang my bike shoes up and find another way to whittle my bulge off.

My doctor is quite pleased with me.  "Your numbers never looked this good!" he said last week.  I like good numbers.

I happen to be taking an online course to learn how to date 'smart'.  I did tell you that.  Can't quite claim dating's for me, but it has great discussions in its secret FB group.  People are really opening up, writing about their hopes and dreams.  I love the intimacy and warmth!  The dating concepts are straightforward: be real.  Speak from your heart. 

Sounds like a primer for making friends, except for the sex part, which is pretty important to a lot of folks.  This course is where exercise called the Gift Circle came from.  You contributed?!  That, itself, is worth the price of admission.

Did you know, though, that one of the women in this course used her Gift Circle responses to craft her online dating profile?

I'm waiting to hear what kind of responses she gets.

Have a super weekend!


  1. Am I correct that you've turned over a new posting leaf as in a conscious decision to share more details about your life? Either way I love this post.

    I so admire your biking experience and dedication to doing it. It's going to keep you healthy and take you to neat places. And obviously the men don't mind hitting on you which is always flattering and good for the ego. LOL

    "J"'s reaction to you on this biking outing seems childish. Getting turned down when he hit on someone is not a reason why you two shouldn't still be cordial and friendly in group settings. It's not high school!

    Gift Circle? Is that the post where we all had a mutual admiration society? If so, it's kind of clever to use what people have said about you on a dating profile. You find the most interesting things online.

  2. This is a conscious decision to unwrap myself. Believe it or not, it's daring of me! I realize I could write like I usually do - about my transformational journey via its engine, gears and parts - or I could 'be' the transformation - the rabbit who has come out of her hole. Tah Dah!

    Yes the Gift Circle is the mutual admiration society. lol

    I totally agree with you that "J"s reaction seems childish. Maybe it's all about the "Hilary" sticker on my car. Who knows? Either way, it's weird.

  3. Well, I for one, love that you are being a rabbit coming out of her hole. You are being brave to be yourself and it will get easier as you do it.

    I laughed out loud about your Hillary sticker being on your car. If that was enough for "J" to give you the cold shoulder then no great loss. The first few months after I met Don one of his best friends put a move on me that I rejected, I never told Don. The best friend remained a good friend to both of us and no more "moves" or comfortable anything ever happened in all those years since. That's what adults do.

  4. I think I need to get a bike!!!

    1. The best part is you get to feel like a kid again with others who feel the same way!

  5. BTW--you are adorable in your cycling suit! :-)