Thursday, February 12, 2015

What's in a Title, anyway?

15 minutes for today's post was up long ago.  I awoke at 5 a.m.  Until 7 a.m. I pondered a new title for this blog. What Mega-Title could possibly scoop all daily themes up in its arms?

Uh, Oh.  Coffee is revving up this mind up.

Life Diverted ~ say WHERE ?  Life Morphs Anyway ~ Go with the Flow.  Life on the Far Side of Grief.   Life Diverts. Divert It Back.

Be glad I used the delete key as much as I did.

I was such a good girl yesterday.  I pulled all my tax material together, noted my itemizations, added them up.  Now all I have to do is write them neatly for my accountant to do his magic.  One year I bought software, did it myself, and lost a ton of sleep.  My brain works in circles, a wonderful byproduct of being left handed.  The other day, my sister was recounting a conversation 8 years ago, and said in complete bewilderment, "You don't remember that?". She is right handed.

We bloggers do the 'hug' thing.  Someone dear to us needs a hug today.

    HUG  with  LOVE  

  Wishing you a   



  1. 'Life Diverted' sure sums up widowhood, doesn't it. So does 'Still Flowing.' I'm not sure about the 'strong' part though. LOL You could be a meandering creek...we'll see in the spring how you flow. Have a great day!

  2. STRONG meandering is my life!!! LOL

  3. I rather like meandering--it feels all relaxed and peaceful to me.

  4. Meanderers stop and smell the flowers, don't we? Meandering is where I listen, take it all in and learn. Every Aha! removes a bottleneck that would weaken me. When you were going, going, going, didn't you find it difficult to find, let alone feel your inner strength?

    Hmm. I can see how 'flowing strong' in my title can be taken to mean 'strong current. >>sigh<< Back to the drawing board.