Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Gripe FREE Woman


 Is everybody happy? 

I came into this blog three years ago with a grab bag full of gripes, and now what?  I'm tickled pink with the woman in the mirror.

So I'm going to do something totally out of character. 
Start a gratitude list. 

  • You
  • And you
  • And you and you and you
Thank you for hanging around with me.  It's meant the world to me.  I will to return the favor.  Now I'm going on a long drive up to my Dad's.  On my way I'll ponder where I'll take this blog next.

      Good morning!     
              any ideas?                  

   Have a super day !      


  1. A content life is so boring! You need "interesting" neighbor's so you have something to gripe about. I wouldn't have a thing to post, if it weren't for my neighbors. A man! That's what you need--a man in your life! That would spice up the blog fer sure, LOL

  2. You want to help me write a dating profile? LOL

  3. Have you tried the online dating sites, yet? Seems like you are open to sorting through the toads to find the prince.

  4. Oh...You missed that section of my widowhood ? LOL Years 5 through 8 I used online dating sites. I met the toads and I met two stellar men, who I dated, one after the other, for a year and a half. Then Facebook played its part with another stellar man. To my utter dismay, not one of them did I want long term. I mean, we all know when someone's really a keeper.

    In the end I had some decent romance and great *** and thanked my lucky stars I didn't pick up any STDs.

    Me and online dating are worn out!! Used to be I thought I had much to gain and little to lose partnering up again. Now I think I have too much to lose and too little to gain dating again.

  5. "Too much to lose and too little to gain dating again." That's exactly the way I feel!

    Maybe you should consider renaming your blog at the top to reflect who you are now or who you want to be....Maybe something like "Going with the Flow, Reinventing Myself" with a sub-title of "Post Widowhood." Give it a new start with new colors or something but still keep your web address and photo (and the sub-title so old followers will still find you. You could add a little "mission statement" at the top sort of like I've done with mind that sums up where you want the blog to take you and where you've been.

  6. Well now, let's see. Good ideas here, Jean. Thinking out loud. The only chip I may have to play in blogoland is an unexpected life of blissful widowhood... Bliss can look pretty boring, but, hey, it is what it is. Fan base is adorable. My cat, for one, is riveted by my posting.