Sunday, February 1, 2015

Now and Later

15 minutes today, everyday?  My train falls off the tracks the minute I open anything else on this laptop.  So, myopic as it is, I must write before I know what's going on in the world.  Today I write of now and later.

~ now ~



Thank you, Judy!!  He couldn't get out of there fast enough.  He had a little fun on my 'squirrel wheel' and whiffle ball obstacle course. LOL

~ later ~

I'm going to Hawaii.


My little circle comes round there.  It the last place my late husband and I were carefree.
More details to come...

  Good morning  

 Have a warm and happy Super bowl day!  

   May your team win   



  1. What is in that stuff that drives the squirrels away but won't harm the systems of tiny birds? You got some great photos of the squirrel's ghost!

  2. Pretty funny, how well it worked - I'm glad I was there to take pictures!

    Habanero chili pepper's in it. Goodness, is it strong! II was practically choking from its smell when I cleaned off the rubber gloves I used to dab the stuff on the feeders.

    1. It would probably kick my asthma in high gear and send me to ER. LOL I do love your obstacle course, though.

  3. I buy the thin gloves by the box full and then peel them off and throw away. Wasn't it fun to watch the nasty rodent get his first taste? Now, we will see if he forgets and comes back or remembers and you get another great photo shoot!.

  4. Good idea! I have a box of the thin gloves - next time. Every squirrel will have to learn for him or herself so I hope I'm here when s/he does!