Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nellie Here

I have invited a neighbor over for dinner tomorrow.  Help!

Preparations include
  • Food,
  • House
  • Welcome 
I can buy delicious chowder at the fish market and whip up a salad if my soup doesn't materialize.  But my house?  Oh. Dear.  Oh, dear.  Oh, dear.  Well ....as of 2014, my house acquired a modicum of curb appeal.  No one need cast their eye down my driveway and heave the piteous sigh "Well, there's a widow living here.  And it's all just too much for her".

But inside?  Yes!  That's where you see it is too much for me.  Your eye will immediately be drawn to the hole in the wall where my shelf tore out.  Or the unpainted sheetrock by a replacement wall heater in my kitchen, installed before 'normal' went through the speed blender 14 years ago.  Or my dining table.  Huddled around its legs are piles of neat blue plastic wrapped New York Times, probably two dozen.  I can't begin to describe the top of the table. 

I have two whole uncluttered horizontal surfaces, the ones I put my feet up on.

I am an unfinished woman.  Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear
 Scarlet letter goes
>>>>> here <<<<<<.  

Sometimes it just helps to write.