Sunday, February 15, 2015

What's In Your Mind today?

Life is good.  My very own snow globe has come to life the other side of my glass door.  I am doing the sensible thing and not going on my merry adventure to my favorite Diner. 

Thank you so much for your comments yesterday to my question "How do you do this platonic love?".  One answer - It's the most natural thing in the world.  Second - I don't know.

I'm signing up for both courses LOL.

I'm 40 pages into this great book "Mindset".  I never would have ordered it, since it's a self-help book, but my journey has benefitted from words wiser than my own.  So when my teacher recommended it, I opened its cover and started reading.  Its author, Carol S. Dwerk, Ph.D., is a psychologist and researcher at Stanford University, and her prose is pithy and accessible.  First, she notes that the way we approach anything is key to our satisfaction.  No matter our age or circumstances or goals, when we approach them believing our endowments, intelligence, personality, abilities, and circumstances are a given, we are coming from our fixed mindset.  So the gal who believes she has two left feet will stay off the dance floor.  When we believe our endowments and circumstances are quite malleable and just require that delicious thing called 'effort' to alter, we head to the dance floor to learn how to dance.

Each of the answers above came from the growth mindset. It's perfectly natural to make it up as you go along.  It's perfectly O.K. to not know how.  I love you guys!

If life were a river, and the mind our abode, a fixed mindset would be the house on the riverbank with its curtains drawn and the TV on.  The growth mindset would be the boat with oars.

  Have an interesting day!   


  1. Got some questions for you. How does a friendship coach keep her/his clients from falling
    platonically in love with her/him? Are the sessions one on one or in a group? How often are the sessions?

  2. And I have the answers LOL. It has never occurred to me to fall platonically in love with her! The sessions are one on one. I'm responsible for taking action socially; she teaches and reviews. I see her 1x week.

    The particular teacher I'm referring to above is a different coach with whom I and about 30 others took a 30 day online course, finishing up a few days ago. She communicated through video, audio, daily lessons, a group forum, with weekly conference coaching calls. This intensive daily course dovetailed so well with my Friendship Coach's. But the daily nature of it made it a swift kick in pants instead of a weekly amble!

  3. Wow! You're only person I ever met who has used a coach so I find it fascinating.

  4. How about "I think, therefore I get into trouble"? I love, therefore I am.