Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Daily Dose of Goodwill

I figured my new habit - breakfast at the Diner first thing every day - would take some getting used to.  Skipped a beat posting here, yesterday.  After breakfast, my plumber came to look at my broken kitchen heaters.  The first stopped working in December, the second last week.  Both need replacing.  However, the underground water supply for my boiler would surely freeze when the water's turned off to do the work.  So we wait for spring.  In the meantime, one heater does its best to keep that half of the house warm.

Paperwork filled the rest of my day.  I sat down to write last night, but...

Yesterday was awkward. 

Today, I altered my new routine a smidge.  I had my first cup of coffee at home.

Breakfast report
6:15 a.m.  Up.  -5 degrees out.
6:45 a.m.  Pause for jogger before turning out my driveway.  Beet red face, he has.
7:00 a.m.  Diner.  I recognize three patrons from yesterday.   I wish all hello, settle in with coffee and my New York Times. I try the special - 2 eggs, French toast, home fries, bacon, without the toast that comes with it.  With tip it's under $10.   Chats for free.  I pass along my newspaper as I leave.

A daily dose with good will first thing.  Stay warm, my friends. 

               Good  morning!                 
 Wishing you much happiness today  


  1. I like your routine. Going to the same place every day does get you to know the regulars for conversation. My husband and I did that at a close-by place for lunch a couple of times a week. But sadly it closed.

    1. It's a bummer that place closed. It would have supplied a wonderful sense of continuity for you. Well....who knows what and who may tickle your fancy this year! A breakfast place, a lunch place, a bar?

  2. I did this, with a friend, once upon a time and it was fun. Before you knew it, we had a whole big round table where we sat with other patrons and all got to know each other.

    1. Cool! I bet you were missed when you stopped going. Sometimes I sit at the counter if I'm feeling particularly chatty. (Though my version of particularly chatty is another person's version of mum.) There is a group of four that comes every day, but I'd just as soon read my book, because some people are just opinionated motor mouths, you know?!