Thursday, February 5, 2015

First Night In Ages

A hostess award is due.  My guest called me today to not only thank me, but ask me to give her a ride to her colonoscopy next Thursday.  Hey.

My Friendship Coach was tickled pink.  (Really?   You're going to write this after mentioning this very private procedure?)   Right before hosting my first female guest in a quarter decade, I met my Friendship Coach.  She was so excited for me.  She coached.  I listened.

I drank sensibly. We enjoyed my soup and salad.  I wasn't phony.  We laughed. We told tales. We got personal.  We set another date, say, Mid-March? 

And then she called.
Hey.  If I give her a ride, then she'll give me a ride.  And this is rather comforting when you live alone.

   Good evening  
    and how has your day been ? 


  1. OMGosh! A very personal relationship already!!!

  2. There are no strangers when you give someone a ride to a colonoscopy, but I know what you mean about finding a friend to exchange these kinds of things. It IS a big deal when you live alone.

    1. She and I are single women in our sixties. I don't know for sure, but I believe we are the only single women on our dead end street of about 40 homes. WooHa!

  3. Congratulations from the friend giving the Hostess award, and how nice that you would take her for the colonoscopy!

    This sort of reminds me of one time I was visiting my old boss in Winston Salem. She had a boyfriend here in North FL. They had been seeing each other for years. Both by then in their sixties. We were sitting in the yard with her mother, and Lillian busted out with "James has hemorrhoids!" I thought her old mother was going to have a stroke. Her response to Lillian was:
    "Now( in her most southern voice) Lillian, I brought you up better than that! You don't talk about things like that!" I had to go in the house! :)

  4. Hello, Sally so happy you pulled up a chair here. Welcome!

    Oh, my Oh, my Oh, my. Major Awkward Moment there, for a proper southern dame. Not sure whether you choked on your tea, too, or were choking back your laughter. You certainly were invited into the Inner Circle on that visit LOL