Friday, January 16, 2015

Visions Dancing in my Head

Ooo.  I wish I hadn't done that.  Leave the oven on all night.  14 hours at 400 degrees will add, what, $10 to my electric bill?  It's been a year since I've turned that thing on.

It hardly warrants the pixels on this screen, but you may be wondering what roused me to cook last night.  Visions of roasted root vegetables, sweetened by high heat, infused with fresh rosemary and thyme.

Yes, they were good

From time to time, I think about my tenth widow anniversary, coming up April 9th.   One of these days some vision will trip the light fantastic.

Part of me wants a sheltering experience, a retreat of sorts in a beautiful setting that encourages reverie. 

I have only to look up from this screen.

Part of me wants a window of defiance, a once in a lifetime experience, New Zealand perhaps. 

Part of me wants to play matchmaker, and wake up next to my new beloved.

Part of me wants to want what I have. 

This vision beats out all the others.

 How sweet it is.
Good morning! 
 Wishing you warmth and peace 


  1. Oh, my God,those veggies look great! You've inspired me.

  2. I'm inspired, too LOL 4 cups of beans are now soaking overnight. They go in the crock pot with a ham hock tomorrow. Some of these roasted veggies will join them!