Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Squirrel Warfare

The squirrel wheel
Round and round he goes inside
uh oh
This morning I had decided to tell your abut my writing mate, but this squirrel caught my eye instead.  Only one squirrel has breached my bird feed line and today I was quick enough to catch him (her?) in the act.  Shall I tell you about my squirt gun?  Another time.

Two years ago I added whiffle balls to each end of this bird feeder line, whiffle balls with dowels laced through their holes. About 4 feet of them, six feet from the line's two ends.  The second the squirrel puts their feet on a dowel off they spin.

However, IF they get a racing start their feet barely touch the whiffle balls.  So last month I invented the squirrel wheel, modeled after a hamster wheel.  I made it with steel hardware cloth, notching its rim and twisting those spiky ends into impenetrable barbed wire.

Today - Squirrel races past whiffle balls straight into squirrel wheel.  Round and round he spins. 

See picture above

I'm hatching a plan.  Wrap the wheel with Mylar, or some slippery plastic he can't grip enough.  That'll stop him from getting to the bird feeders.

  Good morning 
 Enjoy your tea 
 Have a lovely day !  



  1. Any squirrel smart enough and hunger enough to breech all that deserves to eat, at least in my book. I put corn out for the squirrels that usually (but not always) keeps them out of my bird feeders. The squirrels are thick at my house this year. It's been years since I've seen so many/ The person who used to shoot them and rabbits moved, I think,

  2. Harrumph. Diversionary tactics, eh? I bought some squirrel corn logs. They're sitting in a box in my kitchen.

  3. I have tried various products for years to repel the rodents from my bird feeders. This year, I made them their own feeding box and they haven't even looked at the bird feeders. If you can beat 'em, join 'em!

  4. A bungee squirrel feeder is arriving in the mail today. LOL