Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sleeping In

Some urge to hibernate?  61 degrees in my bedroom thins morning, and I'm buried under quilts in fuzzy pj's.  Didn't awaken until 8:10, two or three hours after my eyes usually pop open.

My bird feeders are seeing a lot of action.  Notice the squirrels?  One of them had made it past my barriers on the bird feeder line.  I've spotted how he does it..

I have a completely free day today, a common luxury in winter, when the gardens sleep.  So I'll give this squirrel his last free meal. 

Now it's also possible, though not certain, that I'll tackle my darkest habit today.  Oh, dear.  Something doesn't want to get written, here.  An admission so dark and humiliating my fingers won't press the letters. 

(the five percent)
You didn't read that, did you?  You see, I'm one of those people who stop
(at 95%)
I live in this puddle of papers, unfinished repairs, and orphaned items.  Winter is the perfect time to deal with this...
 Good morning
Wishing you
 Much peace and happiness 


  1. We all live in a puddle of papers in this so-called era when computers were supposed to save us from that. And unfinished repairs? I still ahve some paint damage in a doorway from my husband's wheelchair that I see everyday but don't fix.

  2. You and I are not ready for white glove inspection, are we? LOL I've always been one to leave interior cosmetics slightly askew. Now, it's a fine line between lovingly askew and annoyingly askew. My house is on notice. Rewards given for fixing the last 5%!

  3. 61? Don't you have a furnace? My daughter got me into wearing pajama pants and a long sleeved T-shirt. I have always worn sleep shirts--or thigh length silky nighties. I like the jammies, because I don't usually get dressed until 10-11:00 and if someone comes to the door, at least I'm not practically naked!! My entire house needs interior painting to cover the "usage" nicks. :-)

  4. God! I'd love to have a reason to wear silky nighties! Wearing pajama bottoms is quite acceptable. I see young men out and about wearing them with a hoodie pullover.

    61? A little chilly, yes. Generally, I've baked under my covers so long I don't feel the chill when I get up. Downstairs I keep it warmer. For some reason when I'm at my sister's I whine unless it's 67. LOL baby sister here!