Sunday, January 11, 2015

Shivers and Seduction

I cannot for the life of me understand why birds hang around in such frigid temperatures.  If I had wings, I'd fly south.  I read the poor things shiver their way through winter.  It's not like they grow another layer of feathers; at least they don't look bulked up in winter. 

I adore the freedom birds have.  I assume they feel free to fly south and choose not to.  As for me, I don't love something unless I feel free to love something else.  Likewise, love someone unless I feel free to not care.  Bring obligation into the picture, and this love shivers and shakes, if love manages to stick around at all.  Only very special people make it through my little hazing.  This daily commitment to write for 15 minutes is my experiment to blend freedom with obligation and produce fun.

This applies to exercising.  At home I have a treadmill, a rower, a stationary bicycle, a trainer stand for my road bike, an elliptical machine, a Power Plate, and an assortment of balls and weights and tubing. They're scattered throughout this house. Only two are now coat racks.  The second I frame exercise as an obligation they disappear. But when I thirst for the freedom to hike, to hop on a bike, to dance without aching afterwards these beauties go into seduction mode..  They've been in seduction mode lately.

We'll see if this blog stays in seduction mode. 

 Good morning!
 May something wonderful seduce you today 


  1. Birds don't shiver as much as they are fluffing up their feathers against the weather....sort of like humans do when they build a shell around themselves for protection.

  2. Hmmm I double checked.... Shiver, fluff, tuck, sun, huddle, feathers, torpor (lowering body temperature) - all in use in frigid times. I am dazzled by them.