Monday, January 5, 2015

Selfies In The Era Of Blogging

Selfie #1

Narcissus must be delighting in this age.  Everybody has a camera bearing witness to their most interesting subject.  I've made my bed with this minor God too, with my pledge to write every day. (That's me in my P.J.s)

Impulse # 1, the minute we come out of the chute. "Somebody bear witness to me!"  "I am witnessed, therefore I am", is certainly a primal twist on the more complicated version of Descartes' philosophy. If a picture is worth a thousand words, selfies save a lot of thinking,  and save us a lot of time reading.

This laptop has a camera.    Rule #1.  Do not take a picture of yourself at your own laptop.  But you knew that already. 

On to my pithier topic, in my 15 minute selfie saga.  I ran into a former date yesterday at breakfast, yesterday.  Sunday morning is when I treat myself to breakfast at a chic French restaurant, actually a chain around here, but definitely not a fast food joint.  Good china, classical music, fresh baked bread, rich coffee in a darling china pot, and steamed whole milk in its china pitcher.  Yes, for $15 I feel like royalty.

Our eyes locked as I entered.  Something in my reptilian brain knew to look aside, after a woman seated beside him nudged my peripheral vision.  I idled by without a word to my own table, out of sight of this little date in progress, and began my own feast with the above items plus my favorite section of my favorite newspaper in the whole world - the Sunday Review Section of the New York Times.

He walked backed and forth, to the men's room presumably, and I never looked up.  He (they) were even there when I left an hour later.  I sashayed by with my head held high and my tummy tucked in. 

I do not like this man.  Well I did at first.  Even planted a kiss on him at our first meet and greet, courtesy of one of those online dating sites.  But charm turned to groping hands and endless pontificating on our first date, so I raced out of that infant relationship with a pointed no thank you! note the next morning.

~ Time's up ~
good morning!
May your day be warm & bright


  1. I would have sweetly called him by name as I left and said 'Hi'' and kept on going just so his date would give him the thrid degree on who you are.

    Sounds like a good Sunday morning ritual.

  2. Where were you when I needed you? LOL Part of me wanted to slap his you-know-what but I missed that chance long ago so I aimed for his ego this time.

  3. Good Job!!! Walk on by in all your glory, ignoring him. OR "Well Hi, Alan. How is your sister?" if he had one, just to get his date to wonder and spend the rest of the time asking him questions. OR if he looked up as you walked by you could say, "Oh...Hi. Ah--sorry, but I have forgotten your name."

  4. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! I love the last suggestion! Oh, Judy, you have such class. Well, since he and I live just a few miles apart, I'll likely get another chance. Ha ha Ha Ha !