Sunday, January 4, 2015

Oh, No! The Empress Has No Clothes!

Some mornings I wake up with this "Oh, No!" in my brain. "I'm not O.K.!". My mind's a jangle of worries and shame.  I feel so ---- unready! So --- undressed!

This anxiety might have settled in after I became sole manager of my life ten years ago, but it's really been with me forever.  Life with husband merely derailed it for a while, but memory's a tricky thing, isn't it?

I recognize I'm in trouble the second I pull out my yardstick to measure my particular state of undress that early in the morning.  So, if I can ditch the yardstick and gather my wits around me instead I say to myself:  Welcome, Flow.  What can I give you now that will help? 

It's reassurance I seek.  For this anxiety is telling me - Yikes! - I'm improperly attired, inadequately prepared this morning.  And life is happening!  This is simply unacceptable!   "Come back, young lady, when your pants are on!"

Reassurance answers me. She tells me there isn't a person in the room with her hair in place, her pants on properly, her shoes tied.  Reassurance tells me I'm the neatest thing there ever was even without my pants on.   That we're all the neatest things, pants on or pants off.  That this day, today, is the neatest thing there ever was.

Who needs pants anyway, when it's warm in our hearts?
Time's up!
Until tomorrow, friends
Hugs to all
May our day be warm and bright


  1. Pants on, pants repeat it until you have the entire car waxed and shining.

  2. Some mornings? I wake up like that EVERY morning! Our minds must be really active while we sleep to wake up thinking about this stuff. Today is the neatest thing there ever was--we are on top of the grass, not underneath!!! Now--if I could just remember where I put my pants!