Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Great News!


I feared one of these days might come.  The day when my mind is a white screen.

So I'm priming the pump with this title.

Great News!
  • Still happy
  • Great eye exam yesterday
  • Meeting good friends for lunch today
  • No exercise machines are coat racks anymore
  • Cat's happy too
  • Heat's on
  • Bird feeder's full
  Good morning !
 Wanting for you whatever your heart desires 

  soft light 
 brushed trees pearl gray  
 birds flit
 hop and feed  
 silence hums with
 motors pushing warm air  
 I sit 
  wait to be released  
 Do nothing IS doing something  
~ ding! ~


  1. I've been waiting for you to break your daily streak, too. I thought you might make it to February. LOL. Posting daily is HARD!

  2. And eye opening! Expect blanks. My intent is to not resort to pass alongs from other sources, even when I have nothing to say. : -[

  3. "Doing nothing is doing something", I like that! My philosophy!

  4. LOL We can show 'em how it's done!