Sunday, January 18, 2015


 It's dark when I get up.  Rather than turn my overhead light on to see the keyboard, I created this cheery light bouquet in the corner.  Just enough light, enticing me to let my imagination wander!

One thing I treasure about retirement and widowhood is the way it invites us orient our lives around brand new enticements. Enticement to play, to love anew, to learn, to grow, to frustrate squirrels! 

I installed a squirrel feeder near the bird feeders yesterday afternoon.  It's a long chain with a long metal spring.  At its end are two corn logs.  Midway up is a little bell.  With a little luck I'll hear the bell when they hop on.  Then I'll watch those furry rodents swing and eat.  Be still my heart!

The directions say to install it just 1 foot from the ground at first, and rub some peanut butter on its end.  Raise it after they've discovered it.  I've rubbed the peanut butter on, but I've hung it higher, 3 feet off the ground. I mean, can these furry rodents really not be smart enough to figure out where food is?

  Good morning! 
  May your day be 
  Bright  and very, very enticing  


  1. Love your light bouquet! I need one of those.

    The batch of squirrels I have this winter are too stuck up to get corn, corn on the cob or those corn logs that are especially made for squirrels. They bypass it all and go for the birdseed. Yesterday I finally was able to swap out a feeder that they could get into easily for one they can't (shoulder surgery related) so I'm waiting to see if they get hungry enough to learn what corn is all about.

  2. It's like a giant night light - I'm going to leave it on all the time.

    I do hope your squirrels have more incentive to go for the corn, now you're preventing the sweeties from gorging on bird seed. It's pouring so heavily here today, NO squirrels are out and about. But I can see from your experience I might have to spoon feed them the corn logs. (eye roll)

  3. I made a "just for squirrel's feeder" and they stay away from the bird feeders. Hope you have as good luck as I have had.

  4. Read today's post! We're on a learning curve here LOL