Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Deprivation - None

Deprivation?  None.  Although you will hear me wail about not being able to go out for breakfast today. 

Here in Southwest Connecticut, not much snow to report.  Some still falling.  A bit of wind.  The folks east and north of me are much harder hit. I can certainly count on this blizzard getting misplaced in my own memory bank - as long as my electricity stays on.  Sure I wail about missing breakfast out, and missing cuddles from time to time, but living without electricity is deprivation. 

No one on my street is going anywhere yet.  I can't believe they'll keep a travel ban in place much longer.  In any case, I will hang out at home today.  Get to read.  Get to watch the birds eat their birdseed, and squirrels eat their peanuts.  (Except for one fat fellow, who will get his dose of hot sauce on the bird feeders any day now.)   I get to contemplate going out in my snowshoes.  I get to make myself breakfast.  I do own cereal. I get to contemplate firing up my snow blower.  Later.  You can bet the minute my driveway is clear I will be out.

How are you doing?   Is our day turning out well?  Funny how staying warm, and dry, and fed, and checked in on, and engaged in just the right amount of life - not too much, not too little - is perfect.   

Peanuts in that basket up there


  Good morning! 

Wishing you the best of times today 


  1. I love your peanuts in a basket. I should try that. My squirrels are too stupid to eat corn this year.

    Glad you kept your electricity on! Your storm didn't last long and it's only a matter of time to get it cleaned up. It's when it last for days on end that it gets depressing. Be careful clearing your driveway!

  2. I had a couple old suet baskets. Maybe 'peanut in the basket' will be the appetizer for those luscious hanging corn dogs?

    The sun's out now. Oh, joy! I'll be careful out there ; -)

  3. I cannot wait for your report on the hot sauce!!
    Today was a good day here

    1. I'm so glad your day was good! It's funny the things that make a good day. I count on reading about yours.

      Hot sauce. Soon!