Friday, January 9, 2015

Another happy Day

It's snowing heavily now, but not when I woke up and rolled my recycling bin to the street at 6 a.m.  It was so warm and clear all I needed was a sweater and slippers.  22 degrees!

Little comes to mind to talk about this morning.  Does contentment do this?   I'm drinking in this scene before me.  Watching the snow etch the tree branches and railings and pine needles. 

Another free day today.  Yippee!  Yesterday I unpacked the shipment of replacement windows to inspect for damage.  How I wish I'd found none!  I took pictures of manufacturing defects in three of the twelve windows.  Two photos along with an e-mail and a phone call went to the manufacturer.  Warranty will cover this if these defects render the windows unusable.  We shall see how much of a fuss I need to raise.

Today my handyman comes to do little things inside.  Haven't seen him since two days before Christmas.  He's losing his home to foreclosure any week now.  I feel so bad for him.  His income can't support his house.  Work is so hard to come by for an old timer like him, but he's wonderful.  I wonder where he will go.  I keep recommending him, but typically people chose teams of workers that come in and get the job done - fast.  Fast isn't a word I use with John.  Can't exactly use the word dependable either, well, not 100% of the time.  But  - when he does show up his work is thorough, and excellent.  Besides, he is a kind person and I enjoy sharing beers and chatting at the end of a day.

Today, if he comes, he will swap out my dirty old brass door hinges for new satin nickel ones.  Maybe today he'll swap out a foggy window for a new one?  It will sure be nice when I can actually see through my windows. 

 Good morning!  
 Wishing you a safe day
A warm day
A friendly day


  1. I had foggy windows replaced a year or two ago and the company sent the replacements right to glass installer and he did the inspecting. So much easier. But then I didn't even know window companies would replace foggy windows, the company I hired is the one who told me and all I had to do is pay his labor. I like contractors I can talk with too. When they're going to be in your home for long periods, it makes a difference.

  2. Isn't it nice to see through clear windows?! I had hoped my windows would last longer; they were expensive. When they first started fogging, I tried to contact the company, but they'd gone out of business. It's like the window just disappeared! So much for the guarantee. I figured I'd have to get whole replacement windows. But just before Anderson was arriving for their sales pitch, I googled the windows' name again. Aha! The windows are now being manufactured again by a different company in PA.. While this company wouldn't honor the previous co's warranty, they were able to replace just the sashes (innards) and give me a new 25 year guarantee. Saved a lot of money! BTW, they were very responsive to slight damage I reported.

  3. I am so blessed to have found him, and be able to afford him. Might they have a barter system for work in your neck of the woods? My sister belongs to some kind of barter co-op, and they trade help of all kinds. No money changes hands.