Monday, January 19, 2015

Day One

Almost had a squirrel moment just now, but the critter saw me watching.  Squirrel feeder at the ready!  Pouring rain kept them tucked away eating day old candy yesterday, so today they will be hungry.

Speaking of looters, a handsome raccoon has been visiting, just after sunset.  For a couple nights now I've heard him bumping along my deck door in time to turn the deck light on.  That fellow must weigh 40 labs.  He climbed into my deck cupboard (empty).  Such a Kodak moment.   Too late with the camera.

No evidence this fellow is looting anything on my property, but my next door neighbor keeps his dog outside all winter.Probably sharing his food with Rocky raccoon.

You know when something is an addiction, when good sense tells you not to do it, and even better sense tells you it'll be an adventure?  Black ice yesterday morning was my ticket to dine!  Few people would be at the diner I can never squeeze into Sunday mornings.  So, after testing the grip of my tires on the driveway (none) I inched my way up my street and onto the main road. You know, if you go slow enough you can't get a good slide going.   15 miles an hour, hazard lights on, I managed to avoid the adrenaline surge.

What a delightful breakfast awaited me!

    Good morning! 
   Uh, oh   Squirrel moment
     Have a tasty day  
(it might be your last)


  1. At first I thought, "Idiot for driving on ice!" and then, I remembered how many times I have and still would if it were worth it, LOL!! Hey--put some peanuts or corn out on that stump. The squirrels will love it and will stay away from the bird feeders. Perhaps Rocky Raccoon will like it too?

    1. This morning I a scurry of squirrels raiding my feeders. So, miss Judy, if I put a bowl of peanuts on that stump they will behave themselves? I'm heading out to buy peanuts.

      As for Rocky Raccoon - No! I don't want him bringing his friends here!

  2. Me or the dog would have to be dying for me to go out with black ice. I had enough of that back in my snowplow days to last me the rest of my life. I trust my driving but even so the other drivers on the road won't all drive 10 or 15 miles an hour and there will be spin outs in front of you you can't avoid, if you keep testing fate. Mother has spoken. LOL

    1. I would feel so lonely, if I couldn't go out each morning. Next time temptation to drive in dangerous conditions strikes, I will write a post directly to you, Mother. Winter's not over yet...