Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's COLD Outside - Hug to stay warm!

I pray all our furnaces keep working, our food is hot, our clothes keep us warm, our reading buoys our spirits, and our friendships keep us aloft.

I discovered  www.theStarliteCafe.com  yesterday.  It's a wonderful site where people share their poetry.  What a gift this poem is. 

Living Large
We should not ever grow too old
for things we like to do.  
Don't let your years give way to fears
that dreams may not come true.
Recall the sounds of laughter and
the Love in someone's eyes.
Don't trade your memories for that
which in a moment dies.

Keep up your zest for living, thus;
don't say you're much too old.
Is loss of zeal the way you feel . . .
or something you've been told?
For deep within each one of us
lives an eternal Spring.
There is no sound of sorrow there,
and songbirds ever sing.

Your gait may not be steady now,
as once it used to be.
Don't let your vim and vigor dim---
within, be fancy-free!
We should not let the weight of years
become as bitter gall;
for with the years come wisdoms which
are blessings to us all.

So bear your age up like a flag,
and wave it in the sun.
When folks tell you that Life is through,
tell them, 'It's just begun!'
Unhappiness can't touch you . . . if,
you don't allow it to;
for Joy you share in Life will thus
be given back to you.

By Wordworx

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