Thursday, January 19, 2017

Loving What's Arising

My new outlook is growing legs.  Scratch new 'IN'look - me loving who I am deep within - is growing legs.

Which leaves me, now that I feel splendid, to wonder...What to unveil?  My words here have always aimed to reach their target in someone's heart.  My blog writing has always edited the banter that spills out.  I try to drain that swamp, so if at all possible, you see my inner heart, that love lump in my chest, opening.  Above everything, my inner love lump wants to meet your inner love lump.

Earnest I am. 

But what if I'm not a swamp?!?

Might you want to know the circumstances my little love lump lives in?  I'm secure enough to ask if you're interested.  So here's to spilling.

I've begun making big changes in my living quarters.  I've now begun giving my home something more than the rummage sale décor that a very clever but second-rate person 'deserves'.  This fall I hired someone to paint my small library, and yesterday I hung a beautiful framed reproduction of Rembrandt's Prodigal son on its wall.

This painting is sacred to me.  When I was on tour in St, Petersburg, I stood transfixed before this immense 7 x 9 foot painting.  Though they tried to bustle me along, I wouldn't leave without buying its reproduction and carrying it all the way back across the Atlantic.  You see, I am the prodigal daughter. 

Back to circumstances...
My kitchen is its original 50 year old self, with replacement cabinet doors I polyurethaned twenty-nine years ago in our basement, in 1988.  Given that NO dust could fly, all doors were shut.  I gave myself one doozy case of pleurisy.   This time, I'm playing it safer, not doing it myself.  850 square feet, half of my first floor, is going to be remodeled to suit this woman.  I plan to age (?!) in place the next twenty years at least.

Last Saturday an architect, draftsman and builder visited my house.  Despite visiting lovely new kitchens and perusing kitchen magazines and stores for two years, I have never developed a case of kitchen envy.  So plans stalled.  Last week - finally - it all came together. I need a Zen kitchen, aka a Disappearing Kitchen!  O.K. I do cook.  Here's the look.

With a few walls removed, all 850 square feet can resemble the first picture - open, uncluttered, ample windows, with floor to ceiling cabinets.  Hallelujah, the builder does exactly this sort of remodeling.  The architect is more of a traditionalist, but we'll all work together.  Besides, the architect is the son of my best friend.  Presumably he'll want to do well by Mom and he'll rest assured I'll want to do well by 'mom' as well.  His standards are high; he's now finishing up Ivanka Trump's Manhattan home ( as site manager, not architect).

Clearly I'll be spending my inheritance... 

Are you guys at all interested in the circumstances of my life?  If you want to stay in the loop with me, could you let me know? 


  1. Count me in on keeping in the loop! I love remodeling projects both of property, bodies, hearts and souls. The zen kitchen looks very New york, high style.

    I keep wishing that someday you'll let go of the guard-veils you use when writing and freely let the chips fall where they may.

  2. Even before I read your comment I went in and tidied up the post. Now it's shorter! oh, lord...

    You want me to write an UNtidy post? Tell you what, I'll write an untidy post - just for you. Next post.

  3. Only do what you're comfortable doing, when you're comfortable doing it.

  4. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! This is going to be exciting--please take and post photos along the way! Most importantly, keep your "inside" environment free and happy and bright, because even if you live in a million dollar environment, if your "insides" (mind, heart and soul) are messed up, that million dollar investment isn't going to make you feel any better.

  5. Wiser words were never spoken. I feel like - it's just a kitchen. Period. Keep your knickers on!