Thursday, November 12, 2015

Flavor of the Week: Frolicking

Sometimes you meet someone who changes everything in an instant. 

Sometimes change dawns slowly, then pop!  First a red sliver.  Then a circle pops out blaring its brightness.  Inevitably its shadows come into play. 

I saw some magnificent sunrises on Kauai. 
I saw so many it's hard to pick one as the best.

There is no such thing as best.
Wherever the sun rises is magnificent.

I see now I was on a spiritual pilgrimage in Kauai.  There to lighten my outlook and support joy.  I got halfway there my first trip in April.

This time I got all the way there.  I know it might not seem that way given my last post, but the sun has to cast shadows.  Look how teeny that shadow is in my picture above.

So, what happened on this pilgrimage, this retreat called "Deep Within"? Well, here's one of the events I participated in.  A pyramid ceremony.  'Ceremony' isn't the right word, but I don't haven't a better one. 

If you can, toss skepticism aside.  And believe that God, Spirit, Divine Energy, Air, whatever you call it, wants to reach you with a magnificent message tailored just for you.  To do so, 'Air' starts you off with a silent retreat camping on the beach for three nights.  Then takes you high into Her mountains, 4000 feet above the sea, for another experience of Her energy.  There, next to cabins used by the locals hunting wild Boar, a spiritual man sets up a four sided copper pyramid.  A Lemurian crystal dangles from the pyramid's apex.  In this energetic portal, in Divine Message Central, messages come.

Realize this explanation and wording is mine, not his.   He's far more delightful and eloquent. You see him inside it in this photo.

Once sitting inside, you silence your mind's chatter and open your heart to.... a message, while he blows tones with a didgeridoo.

Yes!   The message!  It pops into mind, settles in the heart, and fills the body with ease.  What would your message be?   My message was oh so brief.



  1. Gosh, I remember back a few decades when sitting inside of a pyramid like that was all the rage. I'm surprised there are still people doing it. I think your message was perfect for the situation. What an interesting retreat/trip you were took.

  2. Does go back a way, doesn't it. LOL. The pyramid's a good way to 'hold space'. The whole concept of 'holding space' is an aspect of friendship I now understand. A good friend creates that non-interfering space, holding it open for the other with love, rather than critique or quick wit or answers. Then 'whatever' bubbles up into that space, and given the safety, camaraderie, and release, the laughter follows as the new perspective dawns.

    I do this for myself, and I laugh when I'm by myself. I do it for others. Now to give we bipeds with mammary glands a chance to hold 'quiet' loving space for me LOL

  3. "We bipeds with mammary glands...", OH, I love that description! Haven't we been everything to everyone all of our lives--until now? Daughter, wife, mother. I can remember thinking I had no idea who I REALLY WAS. Now, at this alone time, I am finding out.

  4. I know what you mean. Boy, have I resisted this 'alone' thing. 'Alone' was something I wanted to cure, or believed I should want to cure. Being alone was living on the shadow side of life.

    I had no idea being 'alone' could have such richness and dimension. Hey....We're pretty amazing, we 'alone' women.

  5. We are amazing. We are constantly redefining and reshaping ourselves.

  6. When you stop to think about it--it's really quite cool!
    Some stay stuck in the career of widowhood.
    We instead, decided there is a bit more to and of life and I know one thing for sure, our men would be oh so proud of us for becoming the independent women we now are. "That a girl!"

    1. LOL. Fred, Don and Ev are smiling down on us. I bet they would have liked each other!

  7. Oh I love this! Kauai was "our" happy place. Perhaps I could return one day on this very type of journey. I do not feel stuck in widowhood; I vascilate between being highly functional at school and extremely alone at home. However, I am not loney; I just long for my husband. For me, I do feel that I am on the right path, living in a parallel universe.

    **happy smiles**

  8. Hi Deborah. This is so cool! I'm so happy you dig Kauai, too. Yes, there are some amazing people there, and the scenery. Ooooyes. I am so proud of you - not feeling stuck in widowhood. Feeling like you are on the right path. I'm curious what you mean by 'living in a parallel universe'. Is that the 'widowhood' thing?

    Happy trails to you!