Monday, November 3, 2014


Hey!  That's me.  Least I wish it was.  Today I am hanging up my adult behavior for some cuddling.  Some serious cuddling.  I have a few things to spit up, too.

I've been in a funk these past few days.  Maybe my sore back is getting to me.  I played Atlas the other day and tried to lift a godawfully heavy automatic garage door when its cable snapped.  Not only did the cable snap, but the spring snapped too, swinging like some lumbering ape just inches from my car.  It sounded like a bomb had gone off when that door crashed down. I'm sure that spring would have nailed me if I'd been any where near it.  So I guess I'm lucky.  I tried to lift the door, as if sheer will would do it. Several times.  A Mexican take-out order was waiting.  I did give up.  I cancelled the order (too late).  I called a repairman, and $95 later my door works fine.

My back has not recovered. I think it would have if I'd just rested.  But a couple days later I moved heavy bluestone to make a patio for the bench I just refinished.  Ha! Got it done just before the weather turned cold. 



I'm getting better at hiring people to take care of things.  But it has to be something I can't do myself.  I'm stubborn that way.  Right now I'm stubborn about hiring someone to kill the yellow jackets nesting in my guest room wall.  It's pretty easy to see where they come in.

 I just wish the wood pecker I hear would eat the whole lot of them and be done with it.  They've been buzzing around inside on warm days.  Last week, when my brother was coming to stay overnight, I dressed up in a hazmat suit and vacuumed a couple dozen of them up so he could sleep in the room.  He elected to sleep on the sofa bed in my livingroom instead.  I guess one day, when it's cold, I'll climb a ladder and spray insecticide in the hole.  Then my carpenter can install new siding, and next spring I can paint it.

But today, now, this is a baby time.  The life I want to lead must include baby days.


  1. Why are we single woman so stubborn when it comes to lifting things? I'm glad you or your car didn't get hurt when the spring broke. You deserve a "baby day" or two. Yellow jacket scare the crap out of me. Be careful with them.

    Love your bench.

    1. Thank you! Come visit and sit awhile :-)

      I'll research the best way to remove a bee's nest, before I attempt anything. Meanwhile, I want the woodpeckers to eat 'til their bellies are full LOL

  2. I think you need to call an exterminator because they will not only suck up the Yellow Jackets, but they will spray in a foam type insecticide so the bad bugs will never come back. BTW--I don't think Woodpeckers eat Yellow Jackets, but...I could be wrong. Did you build the patio JUST for a place for your bench? You know that is insane, don't you? Sounds like something I would do--the bench is totally gorgeous!!!

  3. Of course I built the patio just for the bench! You DO know by now - I'm insane. Busy attracting kindred spirits....LOL

    I will check out the cost of an exterminator, and if it's under $100 I may go for it. Some woodpeckers do eat wasps and yellow jackets, like the red headed one. Next time I hear rat tat tat, I'll run outside and maybe catch him in the act to see.

  4. Oh I love your little outdoor nook.

    I vote for yellow jacket exterminator ASAP. Ew. You know they chew up your wood to make their nests? Don't want to have to replace siding and inwall support ....

  5. Thanks! Now my entrance is welcoming - a new front door is on its way, too.

    The exterminator came and left without doing a thing! He said the chimney is likely their home, but now that it's cold they've hit the snooze button. Argh

  6. Hi,
    Thank you for your comments about my posting, Giving Back! Now, I've found your blog and just thought how clearly you state the frustrations of doing things on your own. My husband traveled for work and I learned how to do a lot of things that I never expected to do. I'm putting you in my Favorites because I want to read more. (And I'm an introvert too, and never think out loud! -- but I am an admirer of Coco Chanel)

  7. Hi Martha, Welcome! I may do a post on introversion. Darned if I can tease apart what's introversion, what's social self-sabotage, what's creative solitude. I loved being married - having that delicious combination of dependable, treasured companionship and independence at the same time.

    Now, learning how to do things for myself is empowering. I'll take dealing with a nest of yellow jackets over living in a condo any day. Trickier, is learning how to feel treasured in the absence of a treasured peer I share a history with. My fear of this chronic loneliness that many elderly, widowed people feel - that I now feel - is motivating me to reboot my entire emotional existence. ARGH!