Friday, November 9, 2012

Will the sky fall in?

I'm going to try a new morning routine.  Good thing my cats will be around to share it.

New goal: check in with myself before I check in with my TV and Internet.   Ever since 9/11, I have turned the TV on first thing in the morning.  Ah, phew!  The world is intact.  Then, last week, when Hurricane Sandy severed my electrical and cable connection, I was completely in the dark.   Yes, my generator gave me heat and hot water.  This was good.   What I really missed, however, were talking heads in the morning.   Talking male heads.

News pundits must be added to my list of surrogate spouses.  Oh, no. I can see myself getting to the end of my life and having not my life, but morning TV, flash before my eyes.

Stop the TV.  Stop the Internet.  Stop the world - I want to get off.   I want my own input first thing in the morning.  By this time I ought to be able to face the loneliness without someone to talk to when I wake up. 

One can hope.

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