Wednesday, October 24, 2012


One of the greatest gifts I was given early in life was the presence of a first rate complainer.  No way could I even cast a shadow in the glare of that dazzling giant.   So why add my humble voice to this perfect art form?

I'd simply like a little attention paid here.

Today's complaints

  • The leaves refuse to stay stuck to the branches.
  • The sun comes up after I get up.
  • How can weight catch up with me when I'm moving every second of every day?
  • Mice love my house.
  • He isn't getting older now, but I am.
  • If I buy more stuff my house gets more stuffed.
  • Crossing that 'to do' off my list should only take one stroke.
  • Accidents happen we I least expect them to.
  • My favorite three R's are  redoing, resting, and redoing.
  • Why, if complaining feels so good, does it sound so horrid?

What are your complaints today?


  1. Is it still complaining if there's nobody listening? Can we call it venting instead? Daisy

  2. Hi Daisy! Well, since nobody can actually DO anything about these complaints (and I wouldn't want them to ) I guess it is venting, or fantasizing...