Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Can changing a setting really change my attitude?

Gentle, but not fragile.
Quiet, but not brooding.
Strong, but not alpha.

The former background for this blog

Someone inspired me to change the background of this blog today.  I'm not feeling as fractured these days and this blog should reflect this. 

As alone as I feel, I'm not longing to be curled up in his arms.  I feel less like a fifth wheel in the world of couples and and more like an alternate universe.   I'm growing fond of a label called 'misfit' because I personally find misfits rather interesting.  Does this mean I've reached some acceptance of my loss and my aloneness?   For today. 

Symbols are important to me; they set the tone and the context of my experience.  The sunflowers in this background are as sunny and intimate and infinite as God's love.  I actually took this photograph while sitting in the midst of them.  There's no confusion about the direction they face.  So I'll turn my face toward the sun, too.

Have you reached some acceptance of your loss and aloneness?  I'd love to hear how you have done so.  I invite your comments. 

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