Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pleasure, anyone?

I'm talking pleasure, that wonderful sensory experience in the here and now.  My very own measure of pleasure.  The pleasure of one's hand on life's throttle.  What am we waiting for?  You and I have the power of ONE.   Every uphill in life has to have a downhill, so let's go for it!

First.  Love the fingers, the toes, and everything in between.  Throw out something that's holding us back.  Tear off the last sheet of the to-do list.  Let somebody else save the world today.

Now.  Make a certain somebody laugh.  Make that certain somebody very welcome in your home.  Hug that certain somebody very firmly.  Squeeze hard, because I'll wager that that glum face has a smile tucked inside.  I'm talking about you and me.

Sure, we suffered, and had setback after setback.   All the more reason for Project Pleasure to come to our house.

Are you still reading this?  Get out of here and do the Pleasure project!

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