Saturday, March 3, 2012


Everybody receives the 'givens' of life, the air, sunlight, gravity, hunger, sleepiness, wakefulness to name a few.  I believe we also receive a blueprint from God that is uniquely ours.   Circumstances hopefully draw its  purpose and beauty into existence.

Well, I haven't had the best circumstances.  Much of my life I've said to my Designer "I'd rather have somebody else's blueprint".    It seems God forgot to include a porch and front door on my blueprint, and I see great porches and front doors on other peoples'.  I do know He included a few sub cellars and a widow's walk in my blueprint.

But where's the porch?  And the front door?  I've discovered a back door.  That's how people gain access to me, kind of hanging around long enough that I grow comfortable and invite them into my 'work in progress' home.  I rarely invite an interesting new person in directly.  I see others do it. Could be I have boarded up my front door and forgotten how to use it?

I'm reminded of the results of a personality test I first took twenty four years ago, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This test reveals four dimensions of one's personality, the first dimension being how we interact with the world and where we direct our energy.  We either have a natural preference for the outer world as extroverts, or for the inner world as introverts.   Extroverts are approachable and meet new people with ease.   Extroverts have wonderful front doors.  Introverts avoid being the center of attention and find chit chat draining, if not pointless.   Not surprising that we can't locate our front door.

When I first took the test at age 34, I assumed my extreme introversion was a result of a difficult childhood.  I've since learned that only my insecurity and shyness were.  92% introversion remains.  Must be in the blueprint for me.   Time I started examining it.

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