Sunday, January 29, 2012

I _______ , therefore I am.

For me, this blank is easy to fill in.  I create, therefore I am.  This seems inherently selfish.  The relationship is between me and my creation, me and something, not me and someone.  No matter what the circumstances are, I create.  When comfort is needed, I create.   When I need to be seen,  I create.  When I need to be heard, I create.  When I need to be touched, I create.  I do reach out to people, but it isn't my first impulse.

Is creating things a substitute for connection with people, a means of connecting with people, or a means of connecting with God? 

Definitely not the first.  There's no substitute for connecting with people.  I wish I could build better connections with new people.  Not easy for me.  I'm still carving out a new life.  A new me.

Definitely the second. I'd like my creativity to be a means of connecting with people.  When I write, I connect, much more easily than I do speaking.  Not surprising for an introvert.  My primary language, however, is visual and my greatest joy is connecting deeply with people through visual creations.  

Definnitely the third, connecting with God.  I cannot lie when I create.  I cannot be unkind when I create.  It is me at my best. I create, therefore I am.  I have to trust that good will come of this.

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