Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I Feel a New Name Coming On

Underneath my blog's web address, blog names pop up, like babies.  I'm on, like, my fourth one?  They disappear and I forget them.  Only one I remember is Waking Up Every Day.  Must have been my favorite baby.   Way back, five years ago, one blog name, Post Widowhood sufficed, if I remember correctly.

Kissing the Air might pop up.  Or maybe Real is in Here Someplace

What's in a name?  Everything.  All redirect my attention.  All set my intention.   Each take a shot at some sacred cow living inside my head.   And to this sacred cow, each says

Don't get your knickers in a twist, my dear

PostWidowhood is a jab at Post Season angst, if you've ever wondered.

Flawlessly Ordinary takes a jab at a particular sacred cow I grew up with.  It may also be a message our culture perpetuates:

"You, my dear, feel left out, because you are left out.  Why?  Because you are...ordinary.   Only extraordinary people of extraordinary deeds deserve attention and respect." 

Flawlessly Ordinary takes aim at this asinine belief that ranks people.  Whether it made any sense to you, it inspired me.

It'll stay up there until my knickers stop getting in a twist when someone acts superior to another.  Do people realize the damage they do acting superior?  Far too many people feel ashamed of themselves because they believe people can be ranked. If I or someone feels they need to recruit another to their point of view because it's superior...

Uh, oh.  I am feeling contractions.  Some name for this blog is pressing to come out.

The fellow leading the seminar last Saturday, planted a little seed.

"You don't get out of here alive."  We all agree, no?

Well, Dr. Alexander now believes, after his Near Death Experience:

"Nobody gets out of here dead."

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

These he also said, and I do agree...
"We're conscious in spite of our brain."
"Hardships are gifts."
"Just as all politics is local, all spirituality is local."
"Souls arrive knowing they will be dumbed down."
"We're here to play by the universe's rules, not our own rules."

But this one? 
"Nobody gets out of here dead"