Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Happy Instead

Today's a very special day, and I want you to be part of it.  This day is a remembrance filled with love - the day we tied the knot.

We'd be on vacation every August 17th, usually camping in Maine, so anniversary dinner was steaming crabs over the campfire, or  ordering lobster at a roadside stand.  No candlelight, no flowers, but, oh so romantic, under the stars!  Ten out of the last eleven I've toasted our marriage under the same stars. Not this year.  Our campsite isn't available until August 27th.  And it MUST be THAT campsite.  Any new guy in my life would have to understand my little ritual.  And adore camping.

I guess at this point in my years, I'm mining my memories and taking the long view.  This is my story, the story of love beginning with day One.   A picture is worth a thousand words, so I've drawn my memories.  I hope you enjoy them.

That's me, on top of the triangles, as naked as the day I was born.  The triangle below is what's inside all of us, that large pool of motivations, assumptions - The unconscious. 

Day One didn't start out so well.
Birth - April Fool's day, 1953.  Uh, Oh.  Those eyes are Momma's

  Boo Hoo? Oops. Those eyes are still Momma's
Hello, someone?  Momma and Poppa are scaring the crap out of me
I had to grow up anyway...

  Hello? God?  You there?


Yes!  yes!  Yes! August 17th, 1985

 This is great! ...Uh...

Have you seen my love?

Where'd you put Love?

Oh. Crap.  In THERE? ...

Ooh?....OOH?  Ooh?...Look here!

Hi...You..are you me?  

Hi you who!  It's me.  It's him. 
So how can I be sad?

The nicest people in the world are all in my heart, reading this!

Wherever you are, may joy tickle your funnybone,
love enter your heart,
and 'Sad' get drowned out with 'Happy'.


  1. All this time (since my husband died) I've thought a sadiversary is the anniversary of the date when he died, not when we were married. But you've been a widow longer than me.... either way, I'm glad you had your husband in our life.

    Are you going camping alone or with someone else?

  2. My goodness! Where is my brain? (Original title of post Happy Sadiversary) I didn't connect Sadiversary with the date of death. I believe you're correct. At this point, years out, that 'sad'iversary is forgotten. But the wedding anniversary, now THAT I do not wish to forget. LOL I'll edit the post so no one's confused any more!

    I'm going camping alone. I take the RV in this Saturday for its propane inspection. Packing, excited!

  3. Good on the title edit. I was thinking I'm getting dementia. LOL

    Hope you have a wonderful time living out in nature.

  4. This January, call and reserve your special campsite for August 17th, 2017!!! It's difficult to miss my "sad-iversary" as it's on New Year's Day. Better to recognize the day you met or were married anyway! I am so excited for you!!! You have sooooo many accomplishments to celebrate this year!

  5. New Year's Day - impossible to miss. Yeesh, Wonder what God meant by that day...

    I DO have sooooo many accomplishments to celebrate this year. I'm filled with gratitude. If you'd like, I'll take you along with me on this trip, posting photos in real time this year. :-)

  6. What a great way to remember your husband. I love your drawings. They say so much about your feelings.

  7. Thanks, Martha! The drawings really encapsulate what a gift he was. The gift that keeps giving.

    I used my new precision point stylus pen in Window's 'Paint' program, on this laptop's touchscreen. First time I used 'Paint', my finger sufficed. Then I upgraded to one of those inexpensive stubby pens. This new pen is sweet ($43) and pretty. I can use it on my smartphone, too!

  8. Oh, I love that you showed us what you can do with Window's 'paint' and a stylus pen.

    Yes, please to post photos and take us along! If you were talking about doing that on Facebook and not here, post your FB name in my blog comments and I promise not to publish it.

  9. Deal! I'll post them here, whenever I am near Wi-Fi ( a good excuse to drive 25 miles to my favorite town: Eastport, Maine).

    P.S. Good thing I had the propane checked. All's good now!