Sunday, July 17, 2016

RV Love, Sweet but not Simple

For six weeks her life has hung in the balance.  Lovely. Imposing. Inspiring.  But dead in her carport.  Her fine battery was not enough.  Her RV road assistance was virtually useless.  This area doesn't have RV service centers.  Then, three long days ago one very professional, very handsome Mobile Mechanic, from a town 30 miles away, pulled into her driveway.  Rested and refreshed from his own vacation, he listened, looked, and found which particular glitch had kept her mute.   Came back with that part the very next day.

Hot dang, I have taken good care of my RV!  One $100 Crank Position Sensor and $200 for labor and she is back on the road!

Now, for all who would like an interior view...

under her sink

in her drawer

in the A/C unit on her roof

Hey.  All is forgiven.  My beloved is out of hibernation!

Now, does she look 18 years old?

Next month she and I will ramble through Maine, tasting its coastal breezes, coming to rest for a spell in perfect union with the tides on the Bay of Fundy.  Until then, she is off getting her engine and undercarriage tweaked and primed at a Mechanic's twenty miles from here.  But when she returns,  I'll wipe her innards clean, pick the nest out of her A/C, and polish her exterior.  And then, if the mice stopped chewing shy of her water lines and wires, I will commence her packing.

Now, another peek at her interior...

How can one NOT spread happiness wherever she goes?!!


  1. I like your RV, looks easy to drive. Boy, the mice sure did a number on it, didn't they! Might be cheaper in the long run to wall in the carport, add a door and critter control the space so they won't find it so easy to get inside.

    1. Mice need such a tiny opening to squeeze through, they're in my house AND my garage. Last time the mice got into the RV, five years ago, my mechanic sprayed that foam that expands, underneath the camper, anywhere they'd climb in. Worked, until it didn't... This fall I declare war on them!!

  2. This would be my DREAM. Just the right size (for all the comforts) but small enough to drive. I want to come with you!! But I snore!

    Maybe you will be inspired to blog at least once a week! WITH many photos. Happy trails!

    1. I snore, too. I wake myself up sometimes! Great! you still have the camping bug (if you can call this 'camping')

  3. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!! She's a beauty for sure. I have always wanted to camp in an RV, but only had the pop-up pull behind. Fred had one but sold it the week before he met me because he said, "None of the women I know want to travel that way. They want to stay in Best Western hotels." DAMN!! We looked at several, but something always got in the way. Have a wonderful time!! AND YES --blog more, woman!!!

    1. Wait. There's three of we women who want to travel in a little RV? And Fred was not meeting us? I admit, this little RV is a man magnet, but I've yet to meet one I'd really want to squeeze into this beauty with.

      Darn, you and Fred would have made great RV travel companions!