Sunday, March 8, 2015

Time Now!

When you've taken a siesta from posting, is it difficult for you to get back into it?  Is it for me, but I missed you so much!

Back now, caught up enough to put my feet up and chat.  And check out your blogs!

My brother had his hernia surgery.  I got to look after him for five days, a real treat for me because I adore the lad.  Dear grumpy old Dad?  Well, he was there, too.  This time his youngest daughter arrived prepared.  Soup enough for all.  Coursework to continue.  Snowshoes to try out.  Road bike and its trainer stuffed in her car and lugged upstairs into his house, beyond his prying eyes.  I got some great riding in.  In three weeks, I have not missed a day of my alternate day training schedule, and I wasn't about to miss one up there.  Snow outside, oodles of it of course, but in front of the TV upstairs I rode around the hills of Maui.  Sweet.  I tried out my new snowshoes in the serene Berkshire Hills, too.  Magical!

Dad I pretty much steered clear of.  He was wrapped up in preparations for his month long stay in a respite care facility, starting tomorrow.  He'd carefully put black tape round the hands of a small clock, so he can know the time.  He'd assembled his collections of bolo ties.  I think he should bring one, don't you?  And a sports coat, too.  This facility is full of sweet old ladies, and he may take a shining to one.  It is hard to picture him out of the house he's occupied for 70 years, but I'd like the chance.  I know every one of dad's four kids will breath a sigh of relief once he's settled in somewhere he can't get into trouble.  Rather, when he does get into trouble, it's they who will have to clean up.  The last week or so grumpy old dad has been putting us on alert.  He may just stay there more than the month we have paid for, because his house is so cluttered (NOT) he can't even find the comb he uses anymore!  I secretly hope he chooses to never leave the lap of luxury he's moving into, but as of now he's scheduled to return home before I've returned from Hawaii next month.

Oh, dear.  I started writing with the intention to catch you all up on my coursework on Loving relationships.  I will save this for another day.  Just want to say now, I'm happy to be back.

   Good Sun ny day
  After noo
  Wishing you 
What your heart desires    


  1. Glad to see you back and to get an update of the family. Sounds like you and your siblings work well together, and if true, that is a real blessing.

    I hope you're dad likes the place he's going, too, and what does it matter if he takes every bow tie he owns if it makes him happy? He probably thinks he's going to a resort. LOL

    I haven't taken a break from blogging long enough to know if it's hard getting back into it. My problem is I had an urge to post too often and I'm afraid I'll overstay my welcome.

    1. I can't imagine you overstaying your welcome. Levi would make sure of that.

      I'm staying out of my Father's packing decisions. Only things we're drawing the line on are tools. NO tools!

      "Hey, want to come to my room to see my bolo ties?" There are worse pick-up lines....

  2. OOH-- I hope Daddy finds a sweet, flirty woman. Wouldn't that charge up his juices? Just don't ever let him get married again--she will get it all-- Trust me on this, LOL

    I think he's going to like it. The staff will make a big too-do over him and there will be stuff to do. Kind of would be great if he wanted to stay. Less worry for your Bro and all of you.

    1. God in heaven, all would be well if he decided to stay there LOL

      Married? My siblings and I have sweated through one such flirtation that he would have made more serious. With a woman younger than me! OY! We did our best to keep him in line. So far so good...

  3. Taking tools to a---is it a nursing home or assisted living? Either way, that's funny. The fact that he wants to look nice is a hopeful clue that he will like it there and is interested in making a good impression. Lord help the lady he takes a shine to. LOL

    Judy's advice about not letting him get married goes twice for me.

    1. Word is, now he's there he needs a few more things. I wonder what.