Thursday, December 20, 2012

What can we give ourselves today?

It may be too soon.  The grief may still be carving its presence into our being.


if we're ready.   if God is asking this of us.   if it is taking more energy to hold back than it would to let go.   if people who care and understand want us to be here for them now.   if we give ourselves permission, life will ask us to: 
~ Let go ~

release the pain

My love to all who journey this path, kicking, screaming, limping, crawling.  Someone is here to love us.  Be he or she God, our departed one, our sister, our brother, our Mom, our Dad, our son, our daughter, our friend -  borrow their strength.   Some glorious day it will become our own. 


  1. That is exactly what I am doing. Onward and upward--ever forward.

  2. I'll be putting my arms around you on this first anniversary. Hang in there, O.K.?