Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In the emptiness I meet my architect

Things I'm learning on this, my private retreat in Down East Maine.

Though fear stands at the portal of ME,
and would easily be my architect,
I am not my FEAR. 
My FEAR is not me.

I am instead NEEDINESS.  Incompletion.
Blindness. Unknowingness.
I give these attributes my consent.
My architect, is LOVE.

Blockage by fear
is a path well known and well worn.
Its crime? Blocking vibrant life, earthy love,
 and ME, most of all.

I've learned the password to move past my fear.
It's simple and profound.
 "You are welcome, ____ _______(my name)"
said with whole heart and will.

Inside what have I found? who? ME?
I stand inside, pliable, still blind,  uninitiated.
I infer my footing because
LOVE has me in sight. 

                                                                                                      'poem' by GowitheFlo

I hope I can continue to tell you who and what I find. 


  1. I'm glad you shared this with me because this gives me a better sense of where I am today. I feel like I'm inside (of ME?), I'm aware of it but still feel blind, but I know Love has me in sight.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. If Love has us in sight, can we go far off course?

    I'm flattered you gained something from reading this, Gabby. Hugs for you :-)