Sunday, February 5, 2012

It will sort itself out

Seductive words, aren't these?  I could be ill, or worse, dead if I wait for life to sort itself out. Time will sort me right out of existence!  I'd rather take a more active role in my fate, with eyes wide open, a deep centering breath, willingness, keeping an open heart and mind, faith, taking action.  I like the 'forge ahead' way to sort my life out.

I only get so far into my unknown future before I run back to the comfort of the familiar.  It's time to do an inventory of the ingredients of my existence and bring them to the table.  Sort them out.  Perhaps my course will become apparent.  Joy and purpose will return to my life.


Not very clever, but smart enough.  Creative, relying on my Creator.  Socially insecure among people I don't know.  Ambitious.  Sensory and sensual.  Stubborn and strong.  Optimistic and trusting.  Lonely, in large ways and small.  Loving, with a heart that can burst.  Honest.  Healthy.  Selective.  Focused.  Receptive.  Financially secure, a biggie. 

Ah!  I see it right there.  The piece that's out of joint.  Ambitious.  I want to lay the groundwork of my present and future in such a way that I matter and delight others.  I am ambitious not only to be relevant, but to impress others.  I want my ego stroked!  Darn!  This is tripping me up.

If I don't have to pander to my ego, a lot of possibilities emerge.  Here goes.  Eyes wide open, deep breath, less ego, open heart, open mind, faith, action.

Continue sorting. Only keep what's useful for God, the author of love, to use.


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