Saturday, February 11, 2012

Is it happening again?

Shoot.  I don't want to do care giving again.  I got a call last night from my oldest sister.  She and her husband took my 98 year old father to the ER.  He requires some degree of medical intervention and some degree of care in his home afterward.  How much?  When?  Now?  My brother's lined up to be Dad's caregiver.  Will he be there when Dad gets out of the hospital?  Do I have to live with Dad?

Flashback to 2002 through 2005.  Three years of 24/7 care for my dying husband.  On my own with the exception of six weeks' help from his daughter and six days' help from my sister.  God bless them both!  Three years of pills, injections, chemo infusions, stem cell apheresis, plasma transfusions, operations, therapy, clinical trials, weight loss, temporary blindness, chemo brain, steroid personality, no immune system, sterile house, cooked food only, pneumonia, ER, thousands of miles on the car. 

Doctors warned me. If I got sick, he could die.  With no immune system, my husband couldn't even fight off the smallest cold!   Well, I didn't get sick but once, and my husband survived.

I phoned my sisters.  They helped calm me down. My father's situation is entirely different.

It's not happening again. 

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